Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thank you, Radio 1, for today's edition of 30 Seconds of Spontaneous Misogyny

In my column a few weeks ago I introduced a new game, 30 Seconds of Spontaneous Misogyny, prompted by - well - 33 years of life on this planet, and a conversation which happened in front of me in a lift at Broadcasting House. It's a good game because one is never short of participants, examples, tactics, intriguing new phrases or settings. You can play it any time, anywhere, and you don't even need to try. Some days a woman can claim a top trumps full house with multiple moments to relate to her friends. I thought I'd publicise the latest edition, which happened less than 25 minutes ago as I write.

I'll set the scene. I am in my study and Radio 1 is on. It's 2.30pm, immediately after the news broadcast. DJ Greg James and news reporter Chris Smith are having a pleasant conversation. Greg's talking about the idea, prompted by the death of Apple's Steve Jobs, that one must seize the day and do all the things you secretly wanted to, for life is short. I like this idea and am thinking about the one thing I'd most want to do, and most fear to do, which is write a historical, mythic fantasy adventure series with a brilliant heroine, following her life from her teens into adulthood. Greg says he's had a text from a guy called Omar, whose act of Seizing the Day was to ask out the girl he'd always liked. Omar says that he and the girl are now engaged.

Chris Smith: What - all in one day?
Greg James: No...I don't think so.
Chris Smith: He's a fast worker!
Greg James: She's easy.
Chris Smith: Well - clearly.