Friday 10 February 2012

Not On Safari In Harlesden

I wanted to write a short piece celebrating the art of perambulation and inspiration. In her Not On Safari In Harlesden project, the author Rose Rouse, whose books include Last Letters to Loved Ones, has been exploring her local area with a range of writers including Louis Theroux, Alexei Sayle, Monique Roffey, anti gun crime activist Michael Saunders, poet Sue Saunders and politician Dawn Butler. Part urban anthropology, part memoir, part art happening, Rouse has been on over 30 walks, which she has described in her column in the local paper, the Brent and Kilburn Times. The site is here: beautifully written, inspiring, intelligent, observant contemporary urban reportage written with great humanity, which really deserves to be published as a complete book as it gives such an insight into modern London. Rose has also also made a short film, Dance Willesden Junction, where she and eight friends in red dance the, er, gritty chic *cough* walkways of the station. Here's a wonderful still:
Watch out for the high visibility maintenance man who gets down to Al Green. We like your spirit, guy: