Thursday 18 August 2011

I Will Tell International Film Festival 2011

I Will Tell is a film festival showcasing a brand new slate of innovative, entertaining and socially conscious world films. It offers a selection of over 100 diverse and inspired films from around the world, in addition to post-screening discussions and special events. All events will be taking place in Euston in London at the Friends House, the MI Centre and The Euston Station Piazza from 10am to 10pm daily.
This year's festival theme is forgiveness. Festival Director Jenny Lee says  
The films are awe-inspiring. But for me the really effective change takes place in the post-screening discussions when ordinary people tell their own stories. Sometimes that story takes the form of a simple question, but it's there nonetheless weaving its way into the interconnectedness of our global village. 

This year actor/producer/director Tim Reid will be joining the festival from the US, along with award-winning Camille Abrahams from Trinidad and Tobago, director Niyi Coker and other speakers and filmmakers from the UK and around the world.

  • The event kicks off on August 30th with an Opening Gala Screening of the critically acclaimed animated film The Green Wave on revolution in the Middle East.
  • The event closes with the Inspirational Yokes and Chains – telling the story of a multi-racial group of people who retraced the steps of the original Africans over 400 years ago in yokes and chains in a potent apology for the transatlantic slave trade. 
  • The short film programme includes the inspirational Where Do I Stand?, which shows the reflections of a diverse group of young people to the South African riots in which they took part.
  • On Monday 5th September The Flaw is a timely reminder that the original causes of the economic crisis have not gone away. 
  • For budding filmmakers there's a Film Pitch seminar and contest on September 3rd. They will be able to meet established film professionals from around the world and win sponsorship and professional support to make their own film. 
  • An i-Screen room will be up and running throughout the festival with touch screens pre-loaded with all the films out of competition in the festival, for those who missed a screening or prefer to watch it in privacy.

As the organisers say:
With all the doom and gloom around, it is refreshing to see a festival that tackles the issues head on but retains its sense of balance and joy. The difference it makes will be entirely up to you. Don't miss this.
The festival runs from 30th August to 9th September, 10am to 10pm daily
The venues are as follows:
  • Friends House, 173 -177 Euston Road (just opposite Euston station)
  • MIC Centre 81 – 103 Euston Street NW1 2EZ (adjacent to Euston station)
  • Euston Station Piazza
  • Day Screenings £5
  • Evening Screenings £10
  • Gala Screenings £15

To book and for more information visit the I Will Tell web site
For press info email or call 0870 8 03 04 0 or 0207 250 8059

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