Friday, 5 September 2014

Asylum and Exile: Hidden Voices of London, out December 15th 2014

Asylum and Exile, my 5th book,
out December 15th 2014
I am delighted to trail ahead to the 15th December release of my fifth book, Asylum and Exile: Hidden Voices of London (Seagull Books/Chicago University Press). The book's based on my outreach work with asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented people and features their testimonies alongside my own account. More details can be found by clicking here and a full press release will be available on this site on 15th December. The Amazon page for the book is here and pre-orders are open. Asylum and Exile: Hidden Voices of London follows the publication, in 2012, of my previous book Beyond the Wall: Writing a Path Through Palestine.

I will be doing as much speaking and writing about this issue as I can, both nationally and internationally, in 2015 and 2016. In the meantime I've released two fractions - new fragmented fiction. They are called Moment of Curfew and Those Castles.