Friday, 8 February 2013

Why can't women make feature films?

From the Underwire film festival people, off the back of:

At the Underwire Festival in November, the London Short Film Festival posed the question Why Can’t Women Make Feature Films? A great debate erupted at the Ritzy, with Hannah McGill, Lizzie Franke and Carol Morley fearlessly taking on this controversial question.Well, it’s not over yet. Kate Taylor is taking the helm of this difficult discussion topic with two filmmakers, a critic and a programmer to look at the gender gap.

We’ll be asking everyone to get myth-busting on common misconceptions about female filmmakers and the struggles they face in making the transition from short films to features. NoĆ© Mendelle (Scottish Documentary Institute), Hannah McGill (Sight & Sound, The List) and Tom Kalin (Columbia University) will take a series of familiar complaints, rip them to shreds, and look forward to a time when the question ‘How does it feel to be a woman filmmaker?’ is never asked again.

Kate Taylor has already kicked off the debate with a blog over on the GSFF site, laying out her Golden Rules for the session: Damn the Statistics; Let the conversation be diverse; and the 9-point 'myth list'.