Saturday, 3 March 2012

Leap: the international 24 hour book. Mad. But cool.

The International 24 Hour Book was collaboratively written by 29 writers in four world cities over 24 hours on February 29th. LEAP was then published as an e-book on March 1st (World Book Day) at 5pm. Sounds ridiculous? Well, it was - a bit - but that didn't stop it being great fun, a creative and digital challenge which resulted in a real book with proper chapters at the end.

The project was commissioned by Spread the Word and was made possible by four teams of professional writers in Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Vancouver and London. The book was designed beautifully and formatted in record time by Alistair Hall who is also the lead designer for Ministry of Stories and Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

You can download an ePub version from the Spread the Word website. This should work on laptops and iPhones. A version for Kindles and other e-readers is in the pipeline. The download is free, but, if you are so moved, you can make a donation via the relevant link to Room to Read, the global literacy charity